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Almost anybody who is experiencing the end of a significant relationship will find it emotionally challenging, even when, as an adult, you are able to understand what’s happening. But for children, who are less likely to understand what is happening, who tend to take things personally, who attach their sense of self largely to their family unit, and for whom emotions can be powerful, parental separation and divorce can be incredibly overwhelming and confusing. This is especially so when parents are in conflict.

If you are interested in how to help children cope with separation and divorce, please check out my article on my psychology blog site CHILDREN, SEPARATION and DIVORCE: Coping with Parent Wars

Your children need you cope and cooperate in the best way possible, so that they can deal with the breakup in the best way possible.

If you are struggling to cope with a separation, or at risk of separating, or simply concerned about your children, please give me a call on 07456660227.


Kids Need to Play Independently One of the challenges of parenting is to balance risk versus safety. It is expected of the parents of today that they wrap their kids in cotton wool to reduce the risk of harm. The problem with this is that by not allowing children to experience risk and consequences in unsupervised play, and to come up with creative solutions to problems, we might be stifling their physical, mental and psychological development.  Is it worth the risk?

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Lorri Craig Psychologist in Brighton HoveI thought it might help you to get a feel for me as a therapist, as well as help you to deal with  you and your family’s psychological problems, if I provided links to psychology articles in my international website, Psychology Through the Internet.

These articles focus on ways to cope with problems that many of us face in our life times, including ways to cope with anxiety, low mood, anger, relationships, and child behaviour problems.

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